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A great physiotherapy staff training bundle

Some samples of the content in our great value bundle of Hip Online and Bounce back training resources.

HIP ONLINE Course Curriculum 

Optimising Hip Series FREE

Trish Wisbey-Roth Hip Differential Diagnosis Flowchart FREE
Video_Exercise-handouts_Table_Of_Contents_only FREE
3_Presentation Slides (13 pages - 77 slides) FREE

Hip Module overview

Module 1 Dysfunction Specific Exercise Therapy to Optimise Hip Function (Video 29:43) FREE
Module 2 Dysfunctional patterns of Abdominals and adductors. (Video 28:15)

Deep Hip stability activation progressions  

Module 3 Five stage retraining of deep stabilisers of the Hip: Iliacus, quad fem, glut med (Video 30:05)

Exercises to decrease Hip muscle spasm

Module 4 Part A - Anti gravity exercises (Video 25:51)
Module 4 Part B - Functional, exercises, stretches & gluteal tendinosis (Video 24:25)

Muscle specific graded exercise progressions  

Module 5 Gluteal tendinopathies for optimal hip function (Video 37:29)
Module 6 Optimise gluteal function for performance (Video 24:55) FREE
Module 7 Adductor (+/-tendinopathy) and VMO (Video 37:38)
Module 8 Hamstring (+/-tendinopathy) and VMO (Video 33:06)

CARM Lecture
Just launched - Trish Wisbey-Roth & APA Hip CARM Module (Video 2 Hrs)

Bounce back Instructor training 

This comprehensive course will provide you with detailed background and practical information to use the library MSK library of exercises.

Based on the Bounce back Instructor training it consists of the foundation training underpinning BOUNCE b•a•c•k exercise class structure followed by the Exercise Concept modules providing detailed information to work with over 150+ exercises


Exercises & Concept

SESSION 1 The role of proprioception in muscle control
SESSION 2 Muscle imbalances of the lumbo-pelvic-hip region
SESSION 3 The Wisbey-Roth spinal stability grading system
SESSION 4 Temporal outcomes and prognostic indicators of BOUNCE b•a•c•k
group stability exercise classes in subjects with low back pain (LBP)
Part A - Breathing & Posture Retraining
Part B - Activation of Deep lumbo-pelvic and hip stabilising muscles
Part C - Thoracic mobility progression to functional strength & control
Part D - Activation of Gluteus medius & maximus progressing to strengthening in functional patterns
Part E - Building Control on One leg progressing to functional patterns and strength
Part F - Activation of Deep Cervical Stability Muscles
Part G - Activation & building strength of humeral / scapula muscles
Part H - Progressing functional thoracic & scapula strength & mobility
Part I - Whole body functional pattern optimising upper & lower body integration

Physical Therapy Business Success Summit Bundle includes these courses

BOUNCE b•a•c•k Overview & Promotional Resources
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Hip Online
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