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2 Day Course

Get to know the critical aspects of managing tendons down under (lower limb), and learn clinical pearls with experts Jill Cook and Ebonie Rio. Starting with assessment and differential diagnosis, to understanding load, before progressing to rehabilitation and clinical workshops, this course will help to improve your outcomes when treating tendon pain.

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Learning Objectives

Participation in this 2 day course should help you to:

  • gain increased confidence in the clinical diagnosis of lower limb tendinopathy

  • gain a greater understanding of contributors to the onset of symptoms, load types and the association with clinical presentation

  • develop an effective subjective and objective examination for the clinical assessment of lower limb tendons including load progression (pain provocation tests) as well as kinetic chain function

  • gain greater understanding of basic principles of load prescription for rehabilitation

  • gain a greater understanding of tendon loading (understanding high, medium and low tendon load) for in-season and rehabilitation planning

  • understand available adjuncts and their role in tendinopathy management